Sustainability the show

This is an index to the sustainability premier season on kxua the student radio show at the university of Arkansas. You can listen live each week in Fayetteville Arkansas on thursday evenings at 7pm on KXUA 88.3 fm, or listen live via the web @, or listen to pod casts, links below:

Episode 1

Guests: Dr. Edmund Harriss

Podcast: Episode 1

Comments: This episode while necessary was just a stretching of the legs. Dr. Edmund Harriss joined me to talk about the premise of the show and about Sustainability in general. Sustainability is a slippery beast that is real despite the overuse and misapplication of the word.

Edmund’s Site:

Episode 2

Guest: Dr. Steve Boss–Professor of Marine Biology, University of Arkansas

Podcast:Episode 2

Information comments: numbers on global warming, and details about the sustainability agenda and program at the University of Arkansas

Comments: Global warming is real and the conversation begins on what to do about it, and not whether it exists or not. Dr. Boss also talks in depth about Sustainability at the University of Arkansas. (Dr. Boss was one of the advising faculty on the capstone sustainability committee for my sustainability minor. This show was started as a project to fulfill the requirements for my minor)

Contact Site for Steve Boss:

XKCD Comic:

Episode 3–?–is sadly lost to posterity

Episode 4

Guest: Dr. Robert Brubaker –Visiting Professor of Historical Archeology, U of A

and Dr. Edmund Harriss–Professor of Mathematics, U of A

Podcast: Episode 4

Information comments: Dr. Brubaker takes about Jarod Diamonds approaching to quantifying and analyzing societal collapses. He adds original details about his studies of the ancient civilizations of the Indian subcontinent.

Comments: One of my favorite episodes! Dr. Brubaker talks about civil collapses from history. A revelatory conversation in that collapse, or unsustainability is shown to be a natural process that when seen from a distance is actually a positive force for social justice? That question mark is intentional.

Dr Brubaker:

Edmund’s Site:

Episode 5

Guest: Sarah Dayringer

Podcast: Episode 5

Information comments: Sarah takes about global environmental policy and different UN initiatives. Sarah shares original stories about her time in the peace-corps serving in Armenia. Sarah shares information about SustainUS, a global youth advocacy group she interned for.

Comments: An interesting conversation. Sarah talked about the original UN conference on global climate change and foreshadowed her trip to the UN Rio+20 conference.


Peace Corps:

Episode 6

Guest: Dan Coody

Podcast: Episode 6

Information comments: Dan talks about his and his wife’s new home, built with the latest innovations in sustainable living. He also goes into great detail about the HERS home energy rating system. 

Comments: Dan is the former mayor of Fayetteville Arkansas, a “green” developer, and, a global thinker.

Episode 7

Guest: Gary Kahanak

Podcast: Episode 7

Information comments: Gary talks about home energy auditing, different metrical systems for home energy, and energy conscience building practices.

Comments: Gary is a home energy auditor, a general contractor. ( I once worked for Gary as a carpenter)

Episode 8

Guest: Dr. Edmund Harriss

Podcast: Episode 8

Information comments: Edmiund talks about two new books he has featured articles in. He talks about pedagogic theory.

Comments: Dr. Edmund Harriss is a math professor at the university of Arkansas, and occasional co-host of the sustainability show. (Edmund gave me a B in differential Equations, for whatever reason we are now good friends, a testament to the transience of math pain)

Edmund’s Site:

Episode 9

Guest: Dan Dean–Musician, Energy Core Volunteer

Podcast: Episode 9

Information comments: Information about energy corps. Live performance!

Comments: Dan is an architect and bicycle advocate. Dan was voted Mr. Sustainability for Fayetteville Arkansas in 2009?

Energy Corps: 10– Andrew Braham–Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Arkansas

Episode 11

Guest: Dr. Carl Smith

Podcast: Episode 11

Information comments: Carl shares valuable numbers concerning his and others research into the viability of mass transit and urban renewal.

Comments: Dr. Carl Smith is a professor of Landscape Architecture at the university of Arkansas.

Episode 12

Guest: Gary Kahanak

Podcast: Episode 12

Information comments: Gary shares some of his research into the viability, disadvantages and advantages of nuclear power.

Comments: As mentioned above Gary is a home energy auditor and general contractor in Fayetteville Arkansas.

Episode 14– ?–lost to posterity

Episode 15

Guest: Laura Kelly

Podcast: Episode 15

Information comments: Laura shares definitive information about bicycle issues in Arkansas including the law as pertains to cyclists. She also talks about the different groups and programs she has helped to developed over the years.

Comments: Laura is an architect, landscaper, farmer, and advocate for bicyclist everywhere.

Bicycle Coalition of the Ozarks:

Episode 16

Guest: John Sampiers and NACA

Podcast: Episode 16

Information comments:  A tour of the North Arkansas Conservation Authority, and an in-depth discussion about the issues of water conservation and waste management in northwest Arkansas. Lots of information here about Sewage, which I can say with a straight face is one of my favorite subjects.

Comments: John Sampiers is a former Mayor of Rogers Arkansas, and the former head of NACA.

NACA site:

Episode 17

Guest: Carlos Ochoa

Podcast: Episode 17

Information comments: Carlos shares information about the different sustainability issues and initiatives on the campus of the University of Arkansas Campus.

Comments: Carlos Ochoa is the head of the Office of Sustainability at the University of Arkansas.

UA office of Sustainability: 18–Geoff Zahn and Tom Soerens– We talked about engineering and science and how they work together.

Episode 18:

Guest: Geoff Zahn and Dr. Tom Soerens

Information comments: Geoff shares information about his slime mold research and his new research direction into soil ecology. Dr. Soerens shares information into his research and work into the mitigation of ground water contamination.

Comments: Geoff Zahn is a biology graduate student at the university of Arkansas. (Geoff is also my neighbor, friend, and a brewer of excellent beer (something all microbiologist should aspire to)) Dr. Tom Saurons is a professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the university y of Arkansas. He has for years taken students on study abroad trips to Belize each year. He is also the faculty advisor for the Arkansas Engineers Abroad, a student run international development agency at the University Of Arkansas. (Dr Saurons has given me a C in Hydraulics, an A in Low Impact Development, an A in Ground Water Hydrology, and will shortly give me a B in Environmental engineering.)



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I am an engineering student. I'm a senior in Civil Engineering at the University of Arkansas. I host a weekly radio show about sustainability.
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